List of 300 Common French Verbs - List, Audio files, Video (2023)

Learn 300 common and useful verbs in French

Are you looking to learn frequently used verbs to improve and enhance your vocabulary in French?

As you know, when it comes to learning a new language, it can be difficult to remember all the words and phrases when you start.

But with the list below, you are going to be able to memorize the French verbs a lot more easily.And this will help you to create sentences because all sentences have at least one verb.

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Verbs are essential to learn because they will allow you to express what you do, what you think, and what you like or dislike.

They are important to create sentences and express yourself orally in your daily life. Once you learn the pronouns and some verbs, you will already be able to express things with small sentences, for example:

Je regarde la télé – I watch TV
Je dors – I sleep
Je cours – I run
Elle lit – She reads
Il mange – He eats
Ils partent – They leave
Vous avez faim ?- Are you hungry?
Nous sommes dehors – We are outside

As you can see, it’s easy to make sentences once you learn some common verbs.

To progress quickly and save time in your learning, it is important to focus on the most frequent and useful verbs in French.

Below, you can find audio files to learn 300 useful and common verbs in French, two videos with the verbs and sentences, and a list in alphabetic order that you can print so you can practice at anytime, anywhere.

List of common French verbs with audio:

to give up
abattreto shoot /to cut down
abîmerto damage
accélérerto accelerate
accepterto accept
accompagnerto go with / to accompany
accoucherto give birth
accrocherto attach / to hang (up)
acheterto buy
agirto act
aiderto help
aimerto like/to love
ajouterto add
allerto go
allumerto turn on / to switch on
apercevoirto see/to spot
apprendreto learn
arrêterto stop / to arrest
arriverto arrive
attendreto wait
atterrirto land
attraperto catch
avalerto swallow
avoirto have
bégayerto stutter
blesserto injure / to hurt
bloquerto block
boireto drink
bondirto bounce
boucherto clog
bouderto sulk
bouillirto boil
bouquinerto read
briserto break
bronzerto sunbathe
cacherto hide
cambriolerto burglarize / to break in
casserto break
causerto cause
changerto change
chanterto sing
chaufferto heat
chavirerto capsize
chercherto look for
chialerto cry
chuchoterto whisper
cicatriserto heal
coifferto do hair /to style hair
coincerto stick
collerto glue
combattreto fight
commanderto order
comparerto compare
comprendreto understand
compterto count
concrétiserto realize
conduireto drive
confierto entrust / to leave
confimerto confirm
confisquerto confiscate
to conjugate
connaitreto know
continuerto continue
contrôlerto control
couperto cut
courirto run
créerto create
crierto shout
croireto believe
cuisinerto cook
danserto dance
décevoirto disappoint
défaireto unpack
demanderto ask
déménagerto move
démolirto demolish
démotiverto demotivate
déprimerto be depress
descendreto come down / to go down
désinstallerto uninstall
désobéirto disobey
dessinerto draw
détesterto hate
détruireto destroy
devenirto become
direto say/to tell
disparaîtreto disappear
disqualifierto disqualify
donnerto give
dormirto sleep
draguerto hit on
écarterto spread
échangerto exchange / to trade
économiserto save up
écouterto listen to
écrireto write
emballerto pack
embrasserto kiss
encouragerto encourage
ennuyerto annoy
entendreto hear
envoyerto send
éplucherto peel
essayerto try
étalerto spread
éteindreto turn off / to switch off
étendreto hang
êtreto be
étudierto study
existerto exist
expliquerto explain
fabriquerto make / to build
faireto do
falsifierto falsify
féliciterto congratulate
fermerto close
fêterto celebrate
finirto finish
fondreto melt
frapperto hit
fumerto smoke
gagnerto win / to earn
garderto keep
gâterto spoil
gelerto freeze
glisserto slip
goûterto taste
grimperto climb
habillerto dress
harcelerto harass
hospitaliserto hospitalize
hurlerto scream
hypnotiserto hypnotize
idolâtrerto idolize
illuminerto illuminate
inaugurerto inaugurate
infecterto infect
installerto install
intercepterto intercept
introduireto insert
investirto invest
jaillirto erupt / to gush
jeterto throw
jeûnerto fast
jouerto play
jugerto judge
kidnapperto kidnap
klaxonnerto honk
laisserto let
lancerto throw
libérerto release
licencierto fire / to be a member
lierto tie
ligoterto tie up
lireto read
livrerto deliver
louerto rent
louperto miss
maigrirto lose weight
maîtriserto control / to master
mangerto eat
manifesterto protest / to demonstrate
manquerto miss
marcherto walk
méditerto meditate
mélangerto mix
mentirto lie
mettreto put / to place
nagerto swim
narguerto taunt
naviguerto sail
négocierto negotiate
neigerto snow
nettoyerto clean
nierto deny
obéirto obey
observerto observe
obtenirto get / to obtain
occuperto occupy
offrirto offer
oublierto forget
ouvrirto open
pardonnerto forgive
parierto bet
parlerto speak
partagerto share
participerto participate
partirto leave
passerto pass
payerto pay
pêcherto fish
peindreto paint
pénétrerto penetrate
penserto think
perdreto lose
permettreto allow
peserto weigh
photographierto photograph
plaisanterto joke
planerto hover
planifierto plan
planterto plant
pleurerto cry
pleuvoirto rain
plierto fold
polluerto pollute
pondreto lay
porterto carry
poserto put / to ask
posterto post
pousserto push
pouvoirto be able to / can
prendreto take
préparerto prepare
présenterto present / to introduce
prêterto lend
prierto pray
promenerto walk
prononcerto pronounce
prouverto prove
qualifierto qualify
questionnerto question
quitterto leave
raccourcirto shorten
racheterto purchase
rajouterto add
ralentirto slow down
râlerto grumble
ramasserto pick up
rangerto tidy up
râperto grate
rappelerto call back
recevoirto receive
reconnaitreto recognize
redireto repeat / to say again
refaireto redo
regarderto look
remettreto put back
remuerto stir
rencontrerto meet
rendreto return
réparerto repair
repasserto iron
répéterto repeat
répondreto answer
resterto stay
retournerto return
retrouverto find
revenirto come back
rêverto dream
rireto laugh
roulerto drive / to ride
rouvrirto reopen
saignerto bleed
saisirto cease
salirto soil / to make dirty
saluerto greet
sauterto jump
sauverto save
savoirto know
secourirto rescue
sécuriserto secure
séduireto seduce
séjournerto stay
sélectionnerto select
semblerto seem
sentirto feel/to smell
servirto serve
sifflerto whistle
signalerto report
souffrirto suffer
souhaiterto wish
sourireto smile
soutenirto support
suivreto follow
supprimerto delete
surpeuplerto overcrowd
survivreto survive
taperto hit
teindreto dye
téléphonerto phone
tenirto hold
tenterto try
testerto test
tirerto pull, to shoot
tomberto fall
tondreto mow
torturerto torture
tournerto turn
tousserto cough
traduireto translate
travaillerto work
trouverto find
tuerto kill
urinerto urinate / to pee
usurperto steal
vendreto sell
venirto come
verserto pour
visiterto visit
vivreto live
voirto see
volerto steal / to fly
vomirto vomit
vouloirto want
zozoterto lisp

I hope this list of verbs was useful for you, you can also watch it in these two videos below if you prefer. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

French verbs list a-z:

abandonner – to give up / to abandon
abattre – to shoot
abîmer – to damage
accélérer – to accelerate
accepter – to accept
accompagner – to accompany
accoucher – to give birth
accrocher – to attach / to hang
acheter – to buy
agir – to act
aider – to help
aimer – to like/to love
ajouter – to add
aller – to go
allumer- to turn on / to switch on / to light up
apercevoir – to see / to spot
apprendre – to learn
arrêter – to stop / to arrest
arriver – to arrive
attendre – to wait
atterrir – to land
attraper – to catch
avaler – to swallow
avoir – to have
bégayer – to stutter
blesser – to injure
bloquer – to block
boire – to drink
bondir – to bounce
boucher – to clog
bouder – to sulk
bouillir – to boil
bouquiner – to read
briser – to break
bronzer – to sunbathe
cacher – to hide
cambrioler – to burglarize / to break in
casser – to break
causer – to cause
changer – to change
chanter – to sing
chauffer – to heat
chavirer – to capsize
chercher – to look for
chialer – to weep / to cry
chuchoter – to whisper
cicatriser – to heal
coiffer – to style / to do hair
coincer – to stick
coller – to glue
combattre – to fight
commander – to order
comparer – to compare
comprendre – to understand
compter – to count
concrétiser – to realise
conduire – to drive
confier – to entrust / to leave
confimer – – to confirm
confisquer – to confiscate
conjuguer – to conjugate
connaitre – to know
continuer – to continue
contrôler – to control
couper – to cut
courir – to run
créer – to create
crier – to shout
croire – to believe
cuisiner – to cook
danser – to dance
décevoir – to disappoint
défaire – to unpack
demander – to ask
déménager – to move
démolir – to demolish
démotiver – to demotivate / to discourage
déprimer – to be depress
descendre – to go down / come down
désinstaller – to uninstall
désobéir – to disobey
dessiner – to draw
détester – to hate
détruire – to destroy
devenir – to become
dire – to say/ to tell
disparaître – to disappear
disqualifier – to disqualify
donner – to give
dormir – to sleep
draguer – to hit on / to flirt
écarter – to spread
échanger – to exchange
économiser – to save up
écouter – to listen to
écrire – to write
emballer – to pack
embrasser – to kiss
encourager – to encourage
ennuyer – to annoy
entendre – to hear
envoyer – to send
éplucher – to peel
essayer – to try
étaler – to spread
éteindre – to turn off / to switch off
étendre – to hang
être – to be
étudier – to study
exister – to exist
expliquer – to explain
fabriquer – to make / to build
faire – to do
falsifier – to falsify
féliciter – to congratulate
fermer – to close
fêter – to celebrate
finir – to finish
fondre – to melt
frapper – to hit
fumer – to smoke
gagner – to win
garder – to keep
gâter – to spoil
geler – to freeze
glisser – to slip
goûter – to taste
grimper – to climb
habiller – to dress
harceler – to harass
hospitaliser – to hospitalize
hurler – to scream
hypnotiser – to hypnotize
idolâtrer – to idolize
illuminer – to illuminate
inaugurer – to inaugurate
infecter – to infect
installer – to install
intercepter – to intercept
introduire – to insert
investir – to invest
jaillir – to erupt / to gush
jeter – to throw away
jeûner – to fast
jouer – to play
juger – to judge
kidnapper – to kidnap
klaxonner – to honk
laisser – to let
lancer – to throw
libérer – to release
licencier – to fire / to be a member
lier – to tie
ligoter – to tie up
lire – to read
livrer – to deliver
louer – to rent
louper – to miss
maigrir – to lose weight
maîtriser – to control / to master
manger – to eat
manifester – to protest
manquer – to miss
marcher – to walk
méditer – to meditate
mélanger – to mix
mentir – to lie
mettre – to put/to place
nager – to swim
narguer – to taunt
naviguer – to sail
négocier – to negotiate
neiger – to snow
nettoyer – to clean
nier – to deny
obéir – to obey
observer – to observe
obtenir – to get
occuper – to occupy
offrir – to offer
oublier – to forget
ouvrir – to open
pardonner – to forgive
parier – to bet
parler – to speak
partager – to share
participer – to participate
partir – to leave
passer – to pass
payer – to pay
pêcher – to fish
peindre – to paint
pénétrer – to penetrate
penser – to think
perdre – to lose
permettre – to allow
peser – to weigh
photographier – to photograph
plaisanter – to joke
planer – to hover
planifier – to plan
planter – to plant
pleurer – to cry
pleuvoir – to rain
plier – to fold
polluer – to pollute
pondre – to lay
porter – to carry
poser – to ask / to put
poster – to post
pousser – to push
pouvoir – can / to be able to
prendre – to take
préparer – to prepare
présenter – to present / to introduce
prêter – to lend
prier – to pray
promener – to walk
prononcer – to pronounce
prouver – to prove
qualifier – to qualify
questionner – to question
quitter – to leave
raccourcir – to shorten
racheter – to purchase
rajouter – to add
ralentir – to slow down
râler – to grumble
ramasser – to pick up
ranger – to tidy up
râper – to grate
rappeler – to call back
recevoir – to receive
reconnaitre – to recognize
redire – to repeat / to say again
refaire – to redo
regarder – to look
remettre – to put back
remuer – to stir
rencontrer – to meet
rendre – to give back
réparer – to repair
repasser – to iron
répéter – to repeat
répondre – to answer
rester – to stay
retourner – to return
retrouver – to find
revenir – to come back
rêver – to dream
rire – to laugh
rouler – to drive / to ride
rouvrir – to reopen
saigner – to bleed
saisir – to cease
salir – so soil / to make dirty
saluer – to greet
sauter – to jump
sauver – to rescue
savoir – to know
secourir – to rescue
sécuriser – to secure
séduire – to seduce
séjourner – to stay
sélectionner – to select
sembler – to seem
sentir – to feel / to smell
servir – to serve
siffler – to whistle
signaler – to report
souffrir – to suffer
souhaiter – to wish
sourire – to smile
soutenir – to support
suivre – to follow
supprimer – to delete
surpeupler – to overcrowd
survivre – to survive
taper – to hit
teindre – to dye
téléphoner – to phone
tenir – to hold
tenter – to try
tester – to test
tirer – to pull, to shoot
tomber – to fall
tondre – to mow
torturer – to torture
tourner – to turn
tousser – to cough
traduire – to translate
travailler – to work
trouver – to find
tuer – to kill
uriner – to urinate
usurper – to steal
vendre – to sell
venir – to come
verser – to pour
visiter – to visit
vivre – to live
voir – to see
voler – to steal / to fly
vomir – to vomit
vouloir – to want
zozoter – to lisp

Download the pdf version of the list of 300 common French verbs a-z

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